Depression Treatment

Are Constant Grief and Sadness Taking Over Your Life?

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Do you feel unmotivated, fatigued or disinterested in activities that used to bring you joy? Are you isolating yourself from others, not eating properly or having trouble sleeping, but you don’t quite know why? Perhaps you feel hopeless or powerless to make significant changes in your life. Maybe a recent medical diagnosis, change in relationship status or loss of a loved one overshadows the happiness and confidence you once had. Or, it could be that a past traumatic event has left you unable to move beyond the pain and fear.

As these feelings persist, you might be wondering if you are simply going through a stressful period in your life or struggling with symptoms of depression. Depression is an oft-misunderstood condition with a variety of manifestations and causes. Long-term stress, a demanding career or family pressures can slowly wear away at your sense of freedom and quality of life. The challenges of blending parenting styles with your partner, raising a child with behavioral issues or dealing with a suddenly empty nest can add to the confusion and sadness. Drug addiction and alcohol abuse and dependency can similarly rob you of the sense of control that once helped you overcome life’s obstacles effectively.

Whatever your particular situation, do you wish you could gain control over your emotions, understand why you feel the way you do and improve your happiness and overall quality of life?

If Mild Depression Is Negatively Impacting Your Life, You Are Not Alone

Almost everyone deals with sadness, grief or a sense of loss within their lifetime. It is a natural part of being human, and emotional vulnerability is not something we should ever be ashamed or embarrassed of. In fact, it’s estimated that over 16 million adults in the United States alone suffer from some form of depression. Whether you are lacking a sense of purpose or meaning in your life, dealing with a loss of intimacy in your relationship or you just want to feel more appreciated, understood and validated, you are not alone. And, if you are one of the millions of people across the country who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, there is a 50 percent chance that you also suffer from some form of depression.

Not all instances of depression are cause for concern; however, when that sadness becomes a defining characteristic of one’s existence, it can impair our ability to see the world as it truly is—a place of hope, resilience and joy. Fortunately, with a skilled and compassionate depression therapist, you can learn to understand and manage these feelings while empowering yourself to take control of your life, your happiness and your future.

Depression Treatment Can Help You See Your Worth and Strength

Counseling for depression gives you a compassionate, validating space in which you can feel heard and accepted. As you express your concerns and goals, you can also find the support you need to explore and understand your personal thought processes and gauge how they may be falsely informing your self-perception and the world around you. Working together, you and I can identify any problematic coping mechanisms you may have for managing stress, grief and sadness and develop healthier, more positive ways of dealing with depression.

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With warmth and compassion, we’ll start by taking a look at you as an individual, exploring how complicated or misunderstood emotions are manifesting and affecting you on a daily basis. We’ll look at family of origin issues, possible genetic predispositions, personal experiences or past relationships to see how they may be shaping your perception of your current situation. We can talk about any possible medical issues—such as anxiety, trauma, chronic pain or hormonal imbalances—and identify how they may be contributing to what you are experiencing. Whatever we discover, we can explore alternative approaches to healing that can help you become more engaged, confident and joyful.

Because depression manifests in everyone differently, I always strive to treat my clients according to their unique situation and personal goals. If depression is creating a cycle of self-defeating, negative thought patterns, I can show you cognitive behavioral strategies that can help you positively reframe your self-perception so you can shut out the inner critic and begin living confidently. Should stress be negatively impacting your health or relationships, I can show you how to overcome depression naturally by setting exercise goals, increasing your exposure to sunlight and fortifying your diet with the proper nutrition and supplements needed to stay healthy and sharp.

If a medical issue is causing you fear and sadness, I can show you how to separate yourself from your diagnosis so you no longer feel defined by your condition—and if necessary, I can recommend a specialist to help you deal with the logistical aspects of medication, exercise regimens or alternative/ holistic treatment options. If anxiety and depression are causing or intensifying overwhelming physical sensations, I can teach you mindfulness strategies, breathing exercises and emotional regulation techniques that can help you stay calm, grounded and in the moment.

Feelings of depression, anxiety or unhappiness can be a dark and lonely place. And, I know that asking for help can be a challenge—that most of us would rather fix ourselves. However, coming from a place of personal experience, I also know that depression and anxiety is something that you can overcome. I once had to take action and seek help to get my own life back in balance. I confronted my life and gradually overcame my fears. It was hard, but through perseverance and support, I did it. I overcame all the obstacles preventing me from having the life I wanted and you can too.

Since 1996, I have helped hundreds of people turn their lives around. I have also helped hundreds of couples strengthen their relationship, cultivate deeper intimacy and heal wounds and betrayals from the past. With my multidimensional and holistic approach to healing, you can unlock the door to your true potential and enjoy greater physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

I am considering depression treatment, but I still have a few concerns…

Can therapy alone really help?

Counseling truly can help you reclaim your life. I am a steadfast believer in the ability of the human mind and body to self-correct and overcome the challenges we face as individuals. It may be that seemingly simple lifestyle changes—such as exercising, finding the right diet or reducing sugar and caffeine intake—can help improve sleeping habits, reduce stress and boost motivation levels. Whatever your situation may be, I’ll always strive to offer you a mindful, holistic approach to healing that focuses on the relationship between body and mind. Regardless of how depressed, anxious, unhappy or tired you feel now, you can develop a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Nothing is going to change, so why bother with therapy?

Just being on this page demonstrates that you do have hope that something can change. It may take a little time, but with my guidance and support, you can develop the awareness, tools and strategies needed for lasting change.

With a little hope and your commitment, depression therapy can magnify and transform who you want to be into a lasting reality. You already have your foot in the door. Why not take the time to see if counseling can help you change your life?

I am afraid that I will be labeled as crazy.

First, I always treat my clients according to the sacred doctor/client privilege, which means conducting our sessions in the utmost confidence. Second, you are not crazy and you are not alone. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are currently dealing with depression, a condition that is one of the most well-researched and treated psychological conditions in modern society.

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Seeking treatment for depression is a sign that you sense there is a problem and wish to correct it. When we fall and injure ourselves, no one thinks twice about going to the doctor. Likewise, no one should think twice about seeking help for a psychological condition, because we all want the same thing—to be happy, healthy and whole. Therapy for depression can help you get there.

You Do Not Have to Manage Your Depression Alone

If you are struggling with overwhelming stress, hopelessness or grief, depression therapy may be able to help you. Please call 805 374 1770 or email me at to see how depression treatment may be able to help you.